Master 3000. Commercial and Yacht unlimited




I pulled my way for about 200,000 nautical miles in the last 20 years , on yachts from 20 to 70 metres and crossed several times the deep blues in all directions.

Since 2013 I am managing as captain/eng the Ability yachts for the Ability group of companies.

I am now searching for a yacht over 50mts and over 500 Grt with an owner searching for a professional and devoted captain  that will remove from him the stress and headache created by non-professional  and reliable crew.

Tell me  the destination and program  and i will make it happen.

Having been born in Tahiti, on a family-owned charter sailing yacht, I began acquiring maritime knowledge and skills at an early age and have since gained more than 200 000 nautical miles cruising worldwide.

I have extensive experience of chartering in all popular destinations, as well as many lesser-known beautiful locations, and I have a strong focus on providing a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for our guests at all times.

My project managing  and engineer experience ranges from overseeing construction of the world’s largest carbon fibre catamaran, to a wide range of varying yards and major refit periods aboard many different vessels.

I have strong administration, budgeting and ISM/ISPS knowledges, with a proven track record as an effective manager of people.


I completed the refit of a 42 mts Baglietto build in 2004 ( Ability), it was a great experience as project manager: Captain/C engineeer and owner representative.

In 2020 Ability was sold and I managed a 1,2 M euros refit for the new owner in Greece.

Since Novenmber 2020, I am the relief captain and refit manager on Zig ZAG Ocean,in addition, I reflagged the yacht and managed a change of class.

I am open to all new challenges in relation with yachts and the ocean.


I am actively involved in Ocean preservation, and reducing the impact of the yachts on the marine natural balance.